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Posted 11 Jul 2014 by JC

As requested, now handles increases that turn a single stitch into 6, 7, 8, or 9 stitches:

  • 1-to-6 inc1-to-6 inc
  • 1-to-7 inc1-to-7 inc
  • 1-to-8 inc1-to-8 inc
  • 1-to-9 inc1-to-9 inc

No surprise here: it also handles decreases that reduce 6, 7, 8, or 9 stitches back down to a single stitch:

  • k6togK6tog on RS, p6tog on WS
  • k7togK7tog on RS, p7tog on WS
  • k8togK8tog on RS, p8tog on WS
  • k9togK9tog on RS, p9tog on WS
  • p6togP6tog on RS, k6tog on WS
  • p7togP7tog on RS, k7tog on WS
  • p8togP8tog on RS, k8tog on WS
  • p9togP9tog on RS, k9tog on WS

With these increases and decreases, you can now map stitch patterns containing larger nupps.

As with the 4- and 5-stitch increases and decreases, the key defines how to work these stitches. For example, the 1-to-7 increase is defined as “(k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1) in next st.” But if you’d like to work them in some other way, that’s totally up to you! Another option might be “(k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1) in next st.” If an alternate definition works better for your stitch pattern, you’re welcome to add a note to your pattern’s “Description.”

But wait, there’s more! now handles the following “cluster” stitches:

  • sl1-k1-yo-pssoSl1-k1-yo-psso
  • sl1-k1-yo-k1-pssoSl1-k1-yo-k1-psso
  • p2so-yo-k1P2so-yo-k1 on RS
  • p3so-k1-yo-k1P3so-k1-yo-k1 on RS
  • yo-k2-pyoYo-k2-pyo on RS
  • yo-p2-pyoYo-p2-pyo on RS

These cluster stitches are often found in Japanese stitch dictionaries, such as Knitting Patterns Book 250 by Hitomi Shida. Here are a couple simple examples:

Smocking stitch map

Smocking swatch photo

Smocking uses cluster stitches to turn plain “k1, p1” rib into a lovely fabric that looks like smocking.

Stacked Vs stitch map

Stacked Vs stitch map

Stacked Vs combines cluster stitches with little lace “V”s. I particularly like the way a cluster’s yarn over sits right at the base of each V.

What stitch patterns will you map, with these new symbols?

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