Posted 19 Jun 2013 by JC

Wow! I’m floored by the attention Stitch-Maps.com has received in the past day and a half. Thank you!

I’m also thrilled that the site seems to be holding its own fairly well, with just a few glitches here and there. Whew! What a relief.

It’s only going to get better, of course. But it’s going to take time. Stitch-Maps.com is a one-person operation and, well, I only get the same 24 hours per day as the rest of you. (If any of you manages to invent the 36-hour day, I’d love to talk to you!)

In the meantime, I’d like to address some questions and issues that have cropped up since Stitch-Maps.com went “live.” Here goes:

How do I get a username and password?

It’s a two-step process. First you’ll register by picking a username and entering your real name and email address. Then you’ll receive an email telling you how to set your password. (Didn’t get any such email? Not even in your spam folder? Go to the login page, and click on “Forgot your password? Request a new one.” That’ll send you another email.)

Ooh! I’d love to enter a stitch pattern in charted form rather than written form / create crochet charts / use slip stitches, 5-to-1 decreases, cables, and beads / mark repeated sections. Can you make that happen?

I’d love to! But – no surprise here – they’re all going to take some time. Please, be patient!

I want to try knitting from a stitch map. Can I get a print a PDF?

You can create and print a PDF if you have a premium subscription. Or you can simply click on any stitch map to see it in full-screen mode, then use your browser’s “Print” function.

Your subscription page and tip jar page don’t have “https” in front of them. Help! I’d like to pitch in, but I don’t want to expose my credit card data on a website that’s not secure.

Don’t worry! The site’s credit-card processing is secure. Under the hood, it uses a service called Stripe that takes all appropriate security precautions when transmitting data between Stitch-Maps.com and its site. That said, I’m working towards getting an SSL certificate and setting up HTTPS, just to set everyone’s mind at ease. Believe me, it’s the top item on my to-do list!

If I buy a basic subscription now, and decide to switch to a premium subscription later, will your site charge me the full premium subscription fee?

Nope! If you switch from a basic subscription to a premium subscription, your subscription fee will be prorated.

Given time (there’s that sticking point again!) I plan to add these points to the site’s FAQ, its knitspeak guide, and quite possibly a “Tips and tricks” page. But that will all have to wait until after I return from TNNA next week. Be gentle with my baby while I’m gone, okay?

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