Posted 29 Dec 2018 by JC

By request, the view controls on each stitch pattern’s detail page now include a “Metadata” checkbox. Click this option, and the stitch map will be shown with three bits of metadata in its lower-left corner: the name of the pattern, the name of its contributor, and its URL.

Window Lights stitch map

Why might this be useful? Say you’ve downloaded and printed a bunch of stitch map images. (I like doing this so I can follow the stitch map using a chart keeper with a magnetic strip – yes, it works! even if the rows bend a little.) Having the metadata printed right there on the page means not having to ask later, “Now, which stitch pattern was this?”

On a related note... going forward, I’ll probably include metadata when posting stitch map images on Ravelry or on social media. That way, anyone that sees the image has a way of tracking it down.

Bonus: those of you with subscriptions have the option setting a preference such that you’ll see metadata by default every time you visit a new detail page.


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