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Posted 14 Oct 2016 by JC

Searching by tags has always been a fun way to explore the collection of stitch patterns at Stitch-Maps.com. Now it’s even more fun, as you have a bit more control with options "any,” “all,” and “none.”

The “any” option is the default, and works as before – for example, searching for “Estonian,” “Orenburg,” and “German” will return stitch patterns with any of those tags.


The “all” option is new, and lets you search for stitch patterns with all of the specified tags – for example, searching for “Barbara Walker” and “twisted stitches” will return stitch patterns from Barbara Walker’s Treasuries that feature twisted stitches.


The “none” option is a little different. It returns stitch patterns with none of the specified tags. This can be handy if, say, you don’t like garter stitch and only want to see stitch patterns that aren’t tagged with either “garter” or “garter lace.”


Or say you wanted to ensure that all the edging patterns you’d entered had been tagged with “edging.” You could use the “none” option with the “my public patterns” checkbox to see which of your patterns lacked that tag.


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