More symbols = more fun

Posted 12 Jul 2013 by JC

Good news! You now have more symbols at your disposal. First, a couple symbols for slipped stitches:

  • sl1 wyibSl1 wyib on RS, sl1 wyif on WS
  • sl1 wyifSl1 wyif on RS, sl1 wyib on WS

You can place these symbols within your stitch maps by entering knitspeak like sl1 wyif or sl2 wyib. If you don’t specify wyif or wyib, we’ll assume that the yarn should be held to the wrong side of the work.

Want to see these symbols in action? Check out Edging, Eye of Partridge, Tweed stitch, or Linen stitch.

Next, symbols for twisted decreases:

  • k2tog-tblK2tog tbl on RS, p2tog tbl on WS
  • k3tog-tblK3tog tbl on RS, p3tog tbl on WS
  • p2tog-tblP2tog tbl on RS, k2tog tbl on WS
  • p3tog-tblP3tog tbl on RS, k3tog tbl on WS

These new symbols join the existing k1 tbl k1 tbl and p1 tbl p1 tbl symbols. You can place any of them in your stitch maps with knitspeak like k1 tbl, p2 tbl, k2tog tbl, or [p2tog tbl] 5 times.


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