Absurdly wide cable crosses

Posted 16 Jul 2019 by JC

By request, Stitch-Maps.com now handles a few really wide cable crosses:

  • 6/6 LC6/6 LC
  • 7/7 LC7/7 LC
  • 8/8 LC8/8 LC
  • 6/6 RC6/6 RC
  • 7/7 RC7/7 RC
  • 8/8 RC8/8 RC

But note that these symbols are kind of absurd*. They’re really wide. And – more to the point – they won’t bend, even when the rows they’re on bend. So you might wind up with some wonky looking stitch maps, like this one for Rope-a-licious:

Rope-a-licious stitch map
Yeah, that’s wonky.

But who knows? You might wind up with some cool ones too.

Big Braid stitch map


*Absurd, according to Wiktionary: “Contrary to reason or propriety; inconsistent with the plain dictates of common sense; ridiculous; silly.”

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