Our goals

Stitch-Maps.com has come a long way since its inception in June of 2013, but we still have big plans for the future! We can’t make any promises on when a new feature might be added. But we can say what features we hope to have someday.


Of the improvements slated for Stitch-Maps.com, some are what you’d call usability improvements, things geared to make the site easier or more enjoyable to use:

  • More video tutorials! The introductory video and other videos at YouTube are just a start.
  • A beefier text box for editing written instructions. Search and replace, anyone?
  • In-place editing, letting you make changes on a stitch pattern’s detail page, without having to go to its Edit page.


Perhaps even better than usability improvements are functionality improvements that let you see or do new things:

  • With over 250 symbols in its repetoire, Stitch-Maps.com lets you map a huge variety of stitch patterns. But do you need additional symbols? If so, speak up!
  • Some stitch patterns just aren’t meant to be repeated vertically. (New Moustache is a good example.) When contributing such a pattern, you should be able to tell Stitch-Maps.com to only display a single vertical repeat, even if it’s possible to display more.
  • Would you like to be able to search through the site’s documentation? Yeah, it would probably be handy to find all pages that mention “horizontal repeats” or “copyright,” wouldn’t it?

A fresh take on charts

Stitch maps are a new form of knitting chart that use traditional symbols in a novel way: without a grid.

The symbols within a stitch map clearly show what stitches to work. And – not being confined within grid squares – they also show which stitches of the previous row should be worked.

The end result? Charts with unparalleled fluidity, authenticity, and beauty.