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Posted 4 Mar 2015 by JC

Premium subscribers! This new feature is for you.

Say you have a stitch pattern you want kept “hidden,” such that no-one can find it by browsing through Rather, you want to provide access via a link in the PDFs you sell. If someone can guess at the link – because, by default, the link is based on the name of the stitch pattern – then the stitch pattern isn’t hidden very well, is it?

Custom links to the rescue! On the Contribute page and on each stitch pattern’s Edit page, you’ll now see a “Link” edit box:

custom link screenshot

With this edit box, you can change the “subtle” portion of “” to anything you want. (Well, anything within reason: lowercase, sans whitespace and punctuation except for dashes and underscores.) Want a truly unguessable link? The dropdown menu to the right of the edit box has a “Generate random link” option that will create a link ending in something like “patt-4ec789da.”

Hopefully, those of you with premium subscriptions – or, more to the point, those of you selling PDFs with links to – will find this feature useful. But, as with any new feature, if its behavior seems screwy or you have questions or concerns, please let me know!

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