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Posted 10 Apr 2015 by JC

For several months now, convenience buttons on the Contribute and Edit pages have let you enter the abbreviation for a symbol by clicking on a button. Now more convenience buttons make it even easier to enter the knitspeak for a stitch pattern, or to format its description.

toolbars screenshot

What’s so awesome about these convenience buttons?

  • You don’t need to know Markdown syntax to format the text in a stitch pattern’s description. To make some text bold, for example, select the text and click the button. Or click the button to insert a hyperlink. And here’s the icing on the cake: click the button to see a preview of your formatted description.
  • Common knitspeak syntax is at your fingertips. Try this bit of fun: select yo, k2tog, click the “*x, repeat from *” button, and voilà! The selection changes to *yo, k2tog, repeat from *.

Side note: the convenience buttons below the “Written instructions” text area are now organized via a pop-up menu. This clears away the clutter previously caused by having nine (yes, count ’em, nine!) tabs.

screenshot of revised convenience buttons

Naturally, these changes have all been tested on a number of web browsers. But who knows? If your browser displays any weirdness – if the new convenience buttons don’t work as you think they should – please let me know!

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