Posted 29 Mar 2013 by JC

When contributing a stitch pattern to the collection, you can now mark it with one of three levels of visibility: public, private, or hidden.

Public and private you’re probably already familiar with. A public pattern is one that anyone can view, duplicate, or – with a premium subscription – export. A private pattern is one that you can view only if you contributed it to the collection; as far as the rest of the world is concerned, it simply doesn’t exist.

Hidden patterns are a little different. Once you mark a pattern as hidden, no-one else will be able to find it by browsing through the collection. But they will be able to view it, if you provide them with a direct link – for example, http://stitch-maps.com/patterns/display/subtle.

Why might this be useful? Suppose you’re publishing a garment pattern as a PDF, and suppose that the pattern includes one or more stitch maps. Your customers might appreciate it if you hot-link those stitch maps to the corresponding pages on this website. Then they’d be able to keep track of their current rows – assuming, of course, they have at least a basic subscription.

As with a number of other features, this one’s available to everybody during the beta period. It’s as if all of you, my dear beta testers, have premium subscriptions. By the time this site goes public, though, you’ll need a premium subscription to mark a pattern as hidden.

Questions? Comments? Just let me know!

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