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Posted 12 Jun 2024 by JC

The Renumber and reformat dialog now has a couple new options:

screenshot of dialog with new options circled

Show stitch counts

If you select “Show stitch counts,” the dialog will include stitch counts when reformatting your knitspeak – for example, changing this:

screenshot of knitspeak prior to reformatting

to this:

screenshot of knitspeak after reformatting

You might find these stitch counts handy when you’re not yet ready to hit the “Go for it!” button, but you want to verify the knitspeak that you’ve entered so far. It’s a sanity check of sorts, like the “Check the knitspeak” button, but it offers you a little bit more info to work with as you continue editing.

Caveat: the dialog can only add stitch counts to your knitspeak if that knitspeak makes sense. If it doesn’t – say, if row 12 produces 99 stitches but row 13 needs 100 – then the dialog won’t reformat your knitspeak, and you’ll see a warning message below the edit box. You’ll just need to fix the problem before trying again.

Merge matching instructions

If you select “Merge matching instructions,” the dialog will sum up adjacent simple instructions, and produce knitspeak that’s more concise. For example, k3, k2 will become k5, and k2tog, k2tog, k2tog will become [k2tog] 3 times.

And that’s it, really. We’re only talking about simple summations here, not fancy stuff like changing k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1 to [k1, p1] 3 times. You’ll still have control over stylistic phrasing choices of that sort.

Reload or clear

To get these changes to work for you, you’ll need to ensure that your browser has the latest version of the site’s scripts. First, try reloading the Contribute page, or the Edit page for one of your stitch patterns. If that doesn’t work – if the selecting the “Show stitch counts” and “Merge matching instructions” checkboxes doesn’t have any effect for you – then try clearing your browser’s cache.

Questions? Suggestions? Just let me know!

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