Smoother searching

Posted 3 Jun 2020 by JC

Today’s new feature is on the subtle side.

Previously, would display search results – on the main pattern Browse page, on the page for browsing through collections, or on a page for browsing within a collection – by redisplaying the entire page. This was a little awkward. Sidebar panels that you had opened might get closed; the place to which you had scrolled on the page might get lost.

Now, just the search results get redisplayed. You still get to see your open sidebar panels, wherever you might have scrolled to on the page. As a result, searching feels smoother. It might even be a touch faster.

screenshot of search in progress

As with many other user interface bells and whistles, this one relies on JavaScript. And you might need to refresh your browser to see the full effects. As always, I’ve tested these changes on a variety of browsers – but possibly not yours! If you see any weirdness, funky behavior, or plain old bugs, please let me know.

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