Improved tagging

Posted 26 Jan 2014 by JC

As what I hope to be the first in a series of user-interface enhancements, allow me to present improved tagging features. On the Browse page, typing a portion of a tag into the “Tags” box will prompt a drop-down list of suggestions:

screenshot of dropdown menu

Just click on a suggestion (or down-arrow to a suggestion and press your “enter” key), and it’ll show up in the “Tags” box:

screenshot of tags

The search results shown on the Browse page will update automatically.

When you want to delete a tag from your current set of search options, click the “x” to the right of the tag. Again, the search results will update automatically.

For your tagging convenience, this “Tags” box appears on the Contribute page too, and on the Edit page for each stitch pattern.

To use this fancy-pants “Tags” box, you’ll need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser; otherwise, you’ll see a clunky list of tags. (Hesitant to enable JavaScript, for reasons of security? Fear not! takes all recommended steps to protect itself and its visitors. For example, it uses hidden fields to prevent CSRF attacks. It validates form input on the server side, and never allows form input to appear unescaped on any page. And it uses Stripe – wonderful technology, really! – to protect credit card data.)

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

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