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Posted 26 Aug 2013 by JC

Get a load of this new toy on the Browse page:

With swatch photos checkbox

Click that checkbox, and the Browse page will show you which stitch patterns have swatch photos.

search results, shown as stitch maps

But, wait – there’s more! Ask for your search results to be shown as swatch photos...

Show as swatch photos

...and you’ll get a series of swatch photo thumbnails:

search results, shown as swatch photos

I don’t know about you, but I think this is way cool.

What if you ask for the search results to be shown swatch photos without clicking the “With swatch photos” checkbox? Simple: you’ll see swatch photos for the stitch patterns that have them, and stitch maps for those that don’t.

search results, mix of swatch photos and stitch maps

That’s not all. The Browse page now lets you search for all the patterns contributed by the same person. Enter your own username to see all the patterns you’ve contributed.

Contributor: jcbriar (input box)

Or use the “Contributor” link on any stitch pattern’s detail page to see all the patterns contributed by that person.

Contributor: jcbriar (link)

Back on the Browse page, if you have a subscription you can choose to see any combination of your public, private, and hidden patterns.

Visibility checkboxes

This is a quick way of verifying that all your patterns have the visibility settings you prefer.

One last goodie: by default, the Browse page now displays the most recently added stitch pattern first.

Order by: recently added

This ought to keep the Browse page “fresh,” don’t you agree? But don’t worry – you can still see the stitch patterns ordered alphabetically by name if you prefer.


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