Cable crosses with slip stitches

Posted 24 Apr 2020 by JC

By request, now has symbols for a few cable crosses that feature slip stitches:

  • 1/1 LSC1/1 LSC
  • 1/1 LSAC1/1 LSAC
  • 1/2 LSC1/2 LSC
  • 1/3 LSC1/3 LSC
  • 1/1 RSC1/1 RSC
  • 1/1 RSAC1/1 RSAC
  • 1/2 RSC1/2 RSC
  • 1/3 RSC1/3 RSC

In the LSC and RSC crosses, a single slipped stitch crosses over 1, 2, or 3 knit stitches. In the LSAC and RSAC crosses, all the stitches of the cross are slipped. To figure out what an abbreviation means, keep in mind that...

  • “LSC” stands for “left slipped cross”
  • “RSAC” stands for “right slip all (stitches) cross”
  • “1/2” means “one over two”
  • etc., as previously outlined in this Ravelry post

Or – better yet – just refer to the key when following a stitch map, or to the convenience buttons when creating a stitch map.

Crosses like these aren’t common, but they can be used for interesting effects:

Subtle crosses


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