A slew of new symbols

Posted 20 Aug 2020 by JC

K1 below, bunny ears yo, left and right “center” crosses... what do these symbols have in common? Absolutely nothing, except now they’re available at Stitch-Maps.com.

Let’s start with k1 below and p1 below:

  • k1 belowk1 below
  • p1 belowp1 below

They offer a way of creating brioche fabric that some knitters prefer over brSl – for example, here’s a simple stockinette brioche fabric, in two colors:

Stockinette brioche stitch map Stockinette brioche swatch photo

Next up, you’ll find bunny ears yo and bunny ears back yo in the Decreases section of the key:

  • bunny ears yobunny ears yo
  • bunny ears back yobunny ears back yo

They’re not actually decreases. But they are related to the “bunny ears” decreases, so it kind of made sense to list ’em all together. Here, bunny ears back yo and p1 below combine to create the start of symmetrical lace Vs:

Symmetrical Vs stitch map Symmetrical Vs swatch photo

Finally, check out these “center” crosses:

  • 1/1/1 LCC1/1/1 LCC
  • 1/1/1 RCC1/1/1 RCC
  • 1/2/1 LCC1/2/1 LCC
  • 1/2/1 RCC1/2/1 RCC
  • 2/1/2 LCC2/1/2 LCC
  • 2/1/2 RCC2/1/2 RCC
  • 2/2/2 LCC2/2/2 LCC
  • 2/2/2 RCC2/2/2 RCC

They’re three-strand crosses in which the center strand winds up on top – making possible stitch patterns such as this beauty:

Pattern 6.15 stitch map Pattern 6.15 swatch photo

Details, as always, are in the key. Enjoy!

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