Keep track of your current row

Posted 22 Mar 2013 by JC

Knitting from a stitch map just got easier: You can now highlight your current row. To get started, view the detail page for any stitch pattern, then check the “Current row” checkbox. Here’s what it looks like for Half-drop Horseshoe:

Half-drop Horseshoe stitch map

You’ll notice that two rows in the stitch map are highlighted. That’s because two vertical repeats of the pattern are on display. Both of the highlighted rows are row 1 of the Half-drop Horseshoe.

No surprise here: clicking the up-arrow button moves the highlighting up one row; clicking the down-arrow button moves it down one row.

Have fun with this new feature! During the beta period, it’s free for everyone, but soon it’ll be available only with a basic-level subscription.

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