Posted 4 Jun 2021 by JC

At, the web address for a stitch pattern or a collection is tied to its name.

screenshot of name-based web address

This is all well and good.

  • These name-based web addresses are easy to read and understand.
  • They make it more likely that Internet searches – like “lingonberry lace chart” – will succeed.
  • And it’s easy to use them to create links – within the descriptions of other stitch patterns, or at Ravelry, or Pinterest, or wherever.

screenshot of link to name-based address

But when the name of a stitch pattern or collection changes, its web address changes too. This can lead to “link rot” and the dreaded “Page not found” error.

screenshot of new name and web address

screenshot of page not found error

Permalinks can solve this problem. A permalink is an address that won’t change, even when the name of the stitch pattern or collection changes.

You can get a permalink from the icon next to a stitch pattern or collection’s name.

screenshot of permalink icon

Hover over the icon, and in some browsers (like Chrome and Firefox) you’ll see the permalink at the bottom left corner of your browser window.

screenshot of permalink value

You can right-click on the icon and copy the permalink using your browser’s usual “Copy link address” option. Or you can simply click on the icon itself. Either way, the permalink will get copied to your clipboard, and you can then use it to create links elsewhere.

screenshot of permalink in use

Using permalinks this way – when creating links to stitch patterns or collections – is the best way to prevent link rot.

Questions? Suggestions? You know where to find me.


Posted 28 May 2021 by JC is up and running again in a new home. You shouldn’t see much in the way of changes, except when it comes to subscriptions:

  • You can now choose between monthly and annual subscription plans. (Though, as before, I think the best deal for new subscribers to get a basic subscription on an annual basis, as that option comes with a free 30-day trial.)
  • Subscribers should get helpful email notices before a trial period ends, when a subscription payment is about to become due, and when a credit card is about to expire. I’ll be keeping tabs on things for a while, to make sure this really happens.
  • Affiliates will earn a 10% commission on each subscription payment made when someone subscribes after following their affiliate links, not just on the first subscription payment.

As far as I can tell, everything seems to be working okay… but what do I know? Give it a try for yourselves, and please please pretty please let me know if you notice anything wonky.


Posted 26 May 2021 by JC

Heads up, everybody! This Friday, 28 May 2021, will be offline temporarily as I update the software that the site depends on. Everything is getting updated, from the server’s operating system to the site’s use of Python, Django, and Stripe.

With any luck, the process should only take an hour or two. And while it’s taking place, I aim to allow “read only” access to the site as much as possible: you’ll get logged off and you won’t be able to log in, but you’ll still be able to browse through the site’s collection of stitch patterns. Still, I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this is going to cause!

Comments, questions, or concerns? Join the conversation on Ravelry, or email me directly.

A slew of new symbols

Posted 20 Aug 2020 by JC

K1 below, bunny ears yo, left and right “center” crosses... what do these symbols have in common? Absolutely nothing, except now they’re available at

Let’s start with k1 below and p1 below:

  • k1 belowk1 below
  • p1 belowp1 below

They offer a way of creating brioche fabric that some knitters prefer over brSl – for example, here’s a simple stockinette brioche fabric, in two colors:

Stockinette brioche stitch map Stockinette brioche swatch photo

Next up, you’ll find bunny ears yo and bunny ears back yo in the Decreases section of the key:

  • bunny ears yobunny ears yo
  • bunny ears back yobunny ears back yo

They’re not actually decreases. But they are related to the “bunny ears” decreases, so it kind of made sense to list ’em all together. Here, bunny ears back yo and p1 below combine to create the start of symmetrical lace Vs:

Symmetrical Vs stitch map Symmetrical Vs swatch photo

Finally, check out these “center” crosses:

  • 1/1/1 LCC1/1/1 LCC
  • 1/1/1 RCC1/1/1 RCC
  • 1/2/1 LCC1/2/1 LCC
  • 1/2/1 RCC1/2/1 RCC
  • 2/1/2 LCC2/1/2 LCC
  • 2/1/2 RCC2/1/2 RCC
  • 2/2/2 LCC2/2/2 LCC
  • 2/2/2 RCC2/2/2 RCC

They’re three-strand crosses in which the center strand winds up on top – making possible stitch patterns such as this beauty:

Pattern 6.15 stitch map Pattern 6.15 swatch photo

Details, as always, are in the key. Enjoy!

Smoother searching

Posted 3 Jun 2020 by JC

Today’s new feature is on the subtle side.

Previously, would display search results – on the main pattern Browse page, on the page for browsing through collections, or on a page for browsing within a collection – by redisplaying the entire page. This was a little awkward. Sidebar panels that you had opened might get closed; the place to which you had scrolled on the page might get lost.

Now, just the search results get redisplayed. You still get to see your open sidebar panels, wherever you might have scrolled to on the page. As a result, searching feels smoother. It might even be a touch faster.

screenshot of search in progress

As with many other user interface bells and whistles, this one relies on JavaScript. And you might need to refresh your browser to see the full effects. As always, I’ve tested these changes on a variety of browsers – but possibly not yours! If you see any weirdness, funky behavior, or plain old bugs, please let me know.

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