Posted 6 Mar 2013 by JC

Say you’re creating stitch maps for a new design you’d like to publish. You’d like to keep those stitch maps to yourself, wouldn’t you?

Well, now you can: When creating or editing a stitch pattern, you can mark it as “private.” Voilà! No-one else will see it.

Here’s a bonus: When browsing through the collection, you can now click on a “My private collection” checkbox to see all the patterns you’ve marked as private. Or you can click on a “My contributions” checkbox to see all the patterns you’ve added to the collection, both public and private.

Have fun with this new feature! During the beta-testing period, everybody gets to play with it. In the future, though, maintaining private patterns will require a premium-level subscription.

Edited 29 March 2013: Marking a pattern as private is also useful when the copyright to the pattern states that you may make copies “for personal use only.” For that reason, only a basic subscription – not a premium subscription – will be required to mark patterns as private. Premium subscribers, however, will be able to mark patterns as hidden.

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