Posted 12 Dec 2014 by JC

Here’s a new perk for subscribers: the ability to specify preferences.

If you have a basic or premium subscription, you’ll find an “Edit preferences” menu option in the upper-right corner of every page.

edit preferences menu option

This brings up a page that lets you specify several preferences, in three categories.

  • Browse preferences You get to decide how search results are displayed: in what order; as stitch maps, swatch photos, or a simple list; and in groups of 12, 60, or 120.
  • View preferences Want to see column guides in addition to symbols? Just a single horizontal or vertical repeat, instead of the usual two? No problem.
  • Contribute preferences When contributing stitch patterns, set their visibility to “private” or “hidden” rather than “public.”

Note that all of these preferences are merely defaults. You can, of course, override them when browsing the collection, viewing a stitch pattern, or contributing a new stitch pattern.

Some of you, I know, have been waiting for this feature for some time. Thank you, for your patience!

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