Yet more clusters

Posted 4 Sep 2019 by JC

By request, now has a few more cluster symbols:

  • sl1-p2-pssoSl1-p2-psso
  • sl1-k2-yo-pssoSl1-k2-yo-psso
  • sl1-k3-pssoSl1-k3-psso
  • sl1-p3-pssoSl1-p3-psso
  • p3so-k1-yo-sskP3so-k1-yo-ssk
  • sl1-p3so-k2tog-yo-k1Sl1-p3so-k2tog-yo-k1

The last two are especially interesting. Each is essentially a p3so-k1-yo-k1 p3so-k1-yo-k1 cluster, with a subtle decrease on either the left or the right. This decrease can be used to make a column of clusters appear to move.

Shida 070

As always, complete descriptions of these new symbols are available in the key. Enjoy!

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