Subtle changes

Posted 7 Mar 2014 by JC

Just a heads-up: I’ve changed the way a stitch pattern’s detail page responds when you request to see the stitch map with different view options: more or fewer repeats, with or without column or row guides, that sort of thing. Instead of fetching an entire new web page, it now fetches just those portions of the page that have changed, such as the stitch map image and the cast-on count. This ought to:

  • Make the site feel more responsive. Less stuff being transmitted over the Internet = less time waiting for stuff.
  • Preserve the size of your stitch map viewport. If you’ve enlarged the viewport, changing a view option won’t cause the viewport to shrink back to its default size.
  • Let you fiddle with more than one view option at once. Previously, while waiting for a change in one view option to take effect, you couldn’t change any other view option – the view option controls would be disabled. Now, you can fiddle away – and the result of all that fiddling will be displayed ASAP.

Subtle changes, to be sure, but I hope you like them! Note that you might need to refresh your browser to see these changes. And, please, if anything seems screwy to you – if the stitch pattern detail pages don’t behave as you expect – let me know!

Caveat: Like the improved tags and resize handles, this trickery comes to you courtesy of JavaScript. If you have JavaScript disabled in your browser, each stitch pattern’s detail page will behave as before.

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