Bunny ears decreases

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by JC

Over the past few months, chrisfourfalcon has been posting some really nifty stitch patterns making use of “bunny ears decreases.” I think my favorites are Little hearts:

Little hearts swatch photo

And Bunny Ears Mesh:

Bunny Ears Mesh swatch photo

Up until now, Chris has had to make do with 3-to-2 gather symbols. But bunny ears decreases are so special – they reduce three stitches to two and create a symmetrical result – that I figured they deserved symbols of their own:

  • bunny ears decBunny ears dec shows that three stitches become two that lean away from each other.
  • bunny ears back decBunny ears back dec shows that three stitches become two that lean towards each other.

These symbols make it possible to create stitch maps like this one for Little hearts:

Little hearts stitch map

The key, of course, details how to work these decreases. Enjoy!

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