This lace was created by laying out the digits of 2017 on a chart and then working out how to place the decreases. See this blog for more information.

Shown with a cast-on count of 24 stitches.   Getting chart...

  • Row 1 (RS): *Yo, k3tog, [yo] twice, k2tog, k2, k2tog, [yo] twice, k3tog, yo, repeat from *.
  • Row 2: *P1, k2, p1, k5, p1, k2, repeat from *.
  • Row 3: *K4, yo, [k2tog] twice, yo, k4, repeat from *.
  • Row 4: *K1, k2tog, [[yo] twice, k3tog] twice, [yo] twice, k2tog, k1, repeat from *.
  • Row 5: *K3, [p1, k2] 3 times, repeat from *.
  • Row 6: *K2tog, yo, k8, yo, k2tog, repeat from *.