Based on Wendemuster, but with k1 between the yo rather than p1, and with sk2p rather than k3tog. Similar to Harebell Lace and Dew Drop. See also this Ravelry thread.

Shown with a cast-on count of 13 stitches.

Getting chart...

  • Rows 1 and 3 (WS): P2, *k1, p3, repeat from * to last 3 sts, k1, p2.
  • Row 2: K2, *p1, k3, repeat from * to last 3 sts, p1, k2.
  • Row 4: K2tog, *yo, k1, yo, sl1-k2tog-psso, repeat from * to last 3 sts, yo, k1, yo, ssk.
  • Rows 5 and 7: K1, *p3, k1, repeat from *.
  • Row 6: K1, *k3, p1, repeat from *.
  • Row 8: K1, yo, *sl1-k2tog-psso, yo, k1, yo, repeat from * to last 4 sts, sl1-k2tog-psso, yo, k1.