doll's pullover

Shown with a cast-on count of 80 stitches.   Getting chart...

  • Rounds 1-8: [K2, p2] 20 times.
  • Round 9: K2, M1R, k22, M1L, k2, M1R, k14, M1L, k2, M1R, [p2, k2] 5 times, p2, M1L, k2, M1R, k14, M1L (88 sts).
  • Round 10: K3, k22, k4, k14, k3, p1, [p2, yo, ssk] 5 times, p2, k4, k14, k1.
  • Round 11: K2, M1R, k24, M1L, k2, M1R, k16, M1L, k2, M1R, p1, [p2, k2] 5 times, p3, M1L, k2, M1R, k16, M1L (96 sts).
  • Round 12: K50, p2, [p2, k2tog, yo] 5 times, p4, k20.
  • Round 13: K2, M1R, k26, M1L, k2, M1R, k18, M1L, k2, M1R, p2, [p2, k2] 5 times, p4, M1R, knit to last 18 sts, M1L, k18, M1L (104 sts).
  • Round 14: K55, p2, [p2, yo, ssk] 5 times, p4, knit.
  • Round 15: K2, M1R, k28, M1L, k2, M1R, k20, M1L, k2, M1R, k1, p2, [p2, k2] 5 times, p4, k1, M1R, knit to last 20 sts, M1L, k20, M1R (112 sts).
  • Round 16: K60, p2, [p2, yo, ssk] 5 times, p4, knit.